Get your kicks (on Route 66): DUCHESS on the road


Arriving in Tulsa!

Any musician will tell you that life on the road can be a rough haul.  We’re talking about sub-par food, crazy-early mornings, and a whole lot of togetherness with your bandmates, which can all make for tired and cranky campers.  Unless, of course, the tour is along Route 66 with DUCHESS and Cow Bop.  In that case, we’re talking about excellent food, the loveliest hostess and accommodations in all of Oklahoma, and some of the swingingest music on either side of the Mississippi.

Yup, Amy, Melissa, and I have just returned from a whirlwind jaunt along historic Route 66, where we opened for (and were accompanied by!) the inimitable Cow Bop. We performed for big-hearted, wonderful audiences in some fantastic venues: the gorgeous 1920s-era Coleman Theatre, followed by a show at Oklahoma City’s down-home, hipper-than-hip club, the Blue Door.  We closed our our run with two back-to-back shows at the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame in Tulsa.  Along the way, we ate copious helpings of chips and guacamole, drank more than a few beers, and had more fun than even we could have predicted.


Pre- and post-show at the Coleman Theatre. Our dresses just happened to coordinate with Bruce’s cowboy ensemble.

Our aforementioned hostess-with-the-mostess was Nana, a dear friend’s mother-in-law, who put us up (and put up with us!) for the duration of our tour. She had sandwiches waiting for us when we pulled into her driveway after a long travel day, and she made us feel completely at home.  We shared several memorable meals with Nana, including burgers and ice cream at Braum’s and an incredible Mexican lunch at El Rio Verde.

Amy and I left the driving to Melissa, who was a champ behind the wheel of Ruby, our little red sedan.  Cool as a cucumber, Melissa drove us all the way to Oklahoma City in blinding rain, where we played our hearts out for the intrepid folks who braved the weather to come see us.  Before our final show in Tulsa, we took girl-on-girl harmony to the streets and busked, making the acquaintance of Tulsa Jazz founder John Taylor in the process!

The post-gig hangs with Cow Bop are hard to describe, but I believe the word I’m looking for is “epic.”  Oh, and we played kazoos.  Lots and lots of kazoos.

I know.  You wish you’d been there.  We wish you’d been there.  Or maybe you were there and you just want to re-live the magic.  Well, thanks to the vision of Cow Bop’s founder, Bruce Forman, and Rifftime’s David Howard, you can!  All our shows were live-streamed and archived.  So crack open a Dos Equis, open a bag of Fritos, and tune in. You can catch the shows here, here, and here.

Thank you to Nana, Bruce Forman and Cow Bop, Rifftime, Darcie at the Coleman Theatre, Greg Johnson at the Blue Door, the OK Jazz Hall of Fame, and all of the new friends and fans we met along the highway that’s the best.  Until next time, Route 66!


The stunning Coleman Theatre in Miami, OK.

A successful first show! I'll drink to that.

A successful first show! I’ll drink to that.

Clockwise, from top: Melissa "Mario Andretti" Stylianou, driving in the blinding rain; the Blue Door; group kazoo solo; DUCHESS with Greg Johnson, song-lover and proprietor of the Blue Door.

Clockwise, from top: Melissa “Mario Andretti” Stylianou, driving in the blinding rain; Oklahoma City’s hippest club, the Blue Door; DUCHESS with Greg Johnson, song-lover and proprietor of the Blue Door; group kazoo solo.


DUCHESS with Route 66 friends & fans! Clockwise from top: with Pinto Pammy (CowBop's chanteuse), with Tulsa Jazz founder John Taylor, with Rifftime's David Howard, with Nana and "fan of the day" Ken Harwood.

DUCHESS with Route 66 friends & fans! Clockwise from top: with the fabulous Pinto Pammy (Cow Bop’s chanteuse); with Tulsa Jazz founder John Taylor; with Rifftime’s David Howard; with Nana and “fan of the day” Ken Harwood.

What a great tour!  Here's to Route 66, CowBop, and girl-on-girl harmony!

What a great tour! Here’s to Route 66, Cow Bop, and girl-on-girl harmony!


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