Stormy Weather – October Recap

This morning, life outside my Brooklyn window looks surprisingly normal.  Car horns are honking in the street, and pedestrians are walking in that clipped, hurried way that seems indigenous to New Yorkers who have somewhere to be (damn it).  And, most welcome sight of all, the skies are blue and the sun is shining for the first time in days.  The storm, at last, has passed.

Underscoring the car horns, though, is a steady refrain of ambulance and police sirens.  A couple of nearby trees are lying on the ground, their roots exposed, upended by the storm.  The  traffic congestion is due to the fact that there are no subways running, and we don’t know when service will recommence.  Entire subway stations are submerged, and the tunnels linking Manhattan and the outer boroughs are flooded, which is pretty much my greatest nightmare come to life.  In short, we have a long way to go here in the Apple before life is really back to “normal.”

Hurricane Sandy showed little mercy to our beloved New York City, and we’ve all seen the footage of the wreckage that once was the Jersey Shore.  We were lucky, in our little corner of Brooklyn, to have been spared so much as a power outage, but it’s sobering to know that flooding, fires, and wind damage have wreaked havoc on the lives of our neighbors.  Today is the last day of October, so here’s a little monthly wrap-up.  May the month of November bring speedy and complete recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

In October, I….

Wrote about: Wine.  Words & Music.  The Hustle (doot doot doot doo doot da doot doot doo!).

Watched: This lady.  Obviously.

Played: a little too much (way too much) Cat Bowling.

Read: this memoir about a home restoration in Sicily.  While this book was not exactly riveting, I enjoyed reading about my new dream destination and its lemon groves, sardines, inky wines, and Moorish architecture.

Listened to: a lot of the Nat Cole Trio.  The effortlessness and insouciance of Nat Cole’s singing and playing utterly belie how HIP he was.

As I type, the sky has become overcast again.  However, the sun is stubbornly poking through the dark gray clouds, which seems to be a metaphor for the indomitable spirit of New York City and New Yorkers themselves.  New York City is battered, but not broken.  Here’s to brighter days ahead.


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