Words & Music #2

First everything was gray and still.  The sky was gray, the grass was gray with dew, the light was gray, and the wind held its breath.

Then sharp streaks of green came into the eastern sky.  If there was a little cloud, it turned pink.  Laura and Mary sat on the damp, cold rock, hugging their chilly legs.  They rested their chins on their knees and watched…But they never could see when the sky first began to be pink.

The sky was very faintly pink, then it was pinker.  The color went higher up in the sky.  It grew brighter and deeper.  It blazed like fire, and suddenly the little cloud was glittering gold.  In the center of the blazing color, on the flat edge of the earth, a tiny sliver of sun appeared.  It was a short streak of white fire.  Suddenly the whole sun bounded up, round and huge, far bigger than the ordinary sun and throbbing with so much light that its roundness almost burst.

Laura couldn’t help blinking.  While she blinked just once, the sky turned blue, the golden cloud vanished.  The everyday sun shone over the prairie grasses where thousands of birds were flying and twittering.

–Laura Ingalls Wilder, On the Banks of Plum Creek


4 thoughts on “Words & Music #2

  1. I am so very much *not* a morning person that I would hardly have a point of reference for the Wilder quote–until, that is, Richard got this Interim Choirmaster gig and we have to leave for Dallas before dawn on Sundays. Despite my reluctance to be anywhere but in a prone position, unconscious, at that hour, I am greatly comforted by the astonishing beauty and variability of sunrise, so at last I can say that LIW captured it sweetly.

    And I do thank you for Nina Simone alongside!

    • Kathryn, I am so with you on the “not-a-morning-person” thing. However, when I was in my (ahem) very early 20s (a long time ago in every possible sense of the word), I worked the morning shift at a thoroughly charming little French bistro in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. Walking to work watching the sun rise over Puget Sound, then observing the market come to life around me while I drank my latte (pre-customers) was lovely. Truth be told, though, the majority of my sunrises have been observed on my way to bed after a long night on the town!

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