Autumn in New York

…Once a year, a city’s architectural, cultural, and horticultural variables come into alignment with the solar course in such a way that men and women passing each other on the thoroughfares feel an unusual sense of romantic promise. Like Christmastime in Vienna, or April in Paris.

That’s the way we New Yorkers feel about fall. Come September, despite the waning hours, despite the leaves succumbing to the weight of gray autumnal rains, there is a certain relief to having the long days of summer behind us; and there’s a paradoxical sense of rejuvenation in the air.

…Sitting in the jazz bars or the supper clubs, the worn and the well-to-do would be nodding their heads in smiling acknowledgment…that somehow, despite the coming of winter, autumn in New York promises an effervescent romance which makes one look to the Manhattan skyline and feel: It’s good to live it again.

–Amor Towles, The Rules of Civility

4 thoughts on “Autumn in New York

  1. I’ve only been to NYC twice. . . both times were in November. And I have to say, I don’t really have an interest in visiting during a different season. I just remember walking (and walking and walking)around thinking, “Autumn was created for this city.”

    • Britta, you are so right…something very special happens here in the fall. Spring is pretty glorious, too, but summer & winter…oy! Thank you for reading–I hope you are enjoying autumn, too!

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