Foodie Tuesday: Nigella Lawson

I have a massive lady-crush on Nigella Lawson.  She is capable, articulate, indulgent and eminently practical.  Oh, yes, and she’s also a stunning beauty, possessing qualities both delicate and earthy.  I watch reruns of her shows whenever I can, and afterward always feel that I’ve learned something substantive about cooking.  Her 2007 tome, How to Eat, has become an indispensable resource in my kitchen.  Nigella’s witty musings on the art and appreciation of eating, not just cooking, hooked me from the first paragraph.

And so today’s Foodie Tuesday post is a virtual raising-of-the-glass to Nigella Lawson, who perpetually reminds us to live voluptuously.

Cooking is not about just joining the dots, following one recipe slavishly and then moving on to the next.  It’s about developing an understanding of food, a sense of assurance in the kitchen, about the simple desire to make yourself something to eat.  And in cooking, as in writing, you must please yourself to please others.  Strangely, it can take enormous confidence to trust your own palate, follow your own instincts.

…I don’t believe you can ever really cook unless you love eating.  Such love, of course, is not something that can be taught, but it can be conveyed–and maybe that’s the point…I have nothing to declare but my greed.  –Nigella Lawson, “How to Eat”


7 thoughts on “Foodie Tuesday: Nigella Lawson

  1. I agree wholeheartedly! I started watching her shows prior to the whole Food Network craze here. Love her style, and enjoy her wit!

    I should really look up the schedule so I know when she is going to be on………as I’m on a bit of a TV fast here. I’dmake an exception for a dose of Nigella ! Thanks for the reminder of how great she is….

    • Thank you so much for reading & commenting! I am not sure where you are, but here in NYC, Nigella is on the Cooking Channel (sister of the Food Network) at 4:00 pm. I work from home & have adopted the custom of afternoon tea, which I invariably spend with Nigella. (-:

    • YES, loved that episode! I also love her roast chicken recipes. (-: And those little rituals like tea time are an easy way to breathe deeply and relax in the middle of all life’s busy-ness. Thank you for reading!

  2. Great minds think alike. I was telling my husband recently that my only “girl crush” is on Nigella Lawson. I tiVo and then save all the episodes of her show I can (until the tiVo gets too full) so I can watch each episode over and take notes on the things I want to try. I big pink puffy heart LOVE Nigella. Also, she shows that you can be gorgeous at any size, and that it is ok to enjoy food. As women I feel like we are often taught that food is the enemy. I have her book “How to Eat” and I feel like, through her, I am learning to enjoy food again. Thanks for posting this. Goodness, I can’t recall how I stumbled across your blog (you must be in the blog roll of someone else I read) but I love it!

    • Laura, thank you so much! Nigella is absolutely a woman with her priorities in order, as far as I can tell…she lost her mother, sister, and husband to slow, brutal illnesses, and she has spoken about how those types of losses can inspire one to celebrate life’s pleasures, wherever we find them. I don’t have tiVo, otherwise I too would have hours of Nigella’s show saved! Happy cooking & eating, and thank you so much for reading.

  3. And I know what I shall gift you someday. A DVR’s worth of All Nigella All the Time! Miss you. And FOUND you! xo

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